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Why do we need a sibling care center?

The idea for a sibling care center grew from a need recognized by Jeff and Kristin Tracy through their own experiences with their son Tyler and his siblings McKayla and Austin. On several occasions the family had a dilemma of trying to be by Tyler’s bedside in the hospital while keeping the other two children on a normal routine. Since Tyler’s mom was a stay home parent there was no day-care option available that would allow the Tracy’s the ability to spend time with him and keep the other children out of mischief. While the Ronald MacDonald house provides shelter it does not provide day-care while the parents attend to their child.

The Tracy’s began to notice that many other families were struggling to stay in the room with their sick child while shuffling parental duties for the siblings amongst other family members. During the week many people are committed to their jobs and often this responsibility falls solely on the parents alone. With all the stress of their sick child this can become overwhelming. As a result the siblings are often confused and get lost in the chaos of their brother or sisters illness. They can feel unloved, frightened or even responsible for what is going on. We often forget how much support they need at this time.

The need for a sibling care center is real. It would allow parents the ability to drop off their other children for a while in order to spend needed time with their sick one. They can get important information and news from the medical team about their child and spend quality alone time impacting his or her recovery. All the while their other children are just a few steps away, getting the support they need, when the closeness of the family is necessary.

Keeping families close together, the siblings supported, and impacting the recovery of the sick child through direct parental involvement will be a huge win for the hospital, the patient, and the family. This is the goal behind raising funds to endow the sibling care center at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wis., (at the University of Wisconsin Hospital). The hospital broke ground on October 18, 2004. The original plans did not include such a center. In working with the hospital the Tyler Tracy Foundation, Inc. has secured a commitment to include that center in its construction of its new hospital set to open to patients late August, 2007 in exchange for the pledge of $200,000. To date we have raised over $90,000. Please browse this website, learn more about our mission, and help however you can.

On July 28th we cut the ribbon and opened the gift that is Tyler's Place! Here are a few photos of what the center looks like.

tylers place opening bronze statue lighthouse
tylers place hallway  


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